Private Lessons


Are you looking to speed track your development? Maybe you feel a little intimidated in a group setting? Whatever it is, we offer a variety of lesson lengths to suit your specific timetable and budget.


Head Coach Ben Longridge will tailor the content of your lessons to meet your individual needs.

Condensed Private

Ideal for those looking for an affordable option that allows them to fine tune a certain stroke or skill that they can then take away and practice in their own time.


30 mins = $40 per session*

Standard Private

Ideal forum for those looking to fast-track improvement in multiple aspects of their tennis game, from beginners to advanced players.


45 mins = $60 per session*

Intense Private

These longer sessions are targeted towards tournament players as well as those intermediate players who are looking to hit a lot of tennis balls in a tactical and strategic playing environment. 


60 mins = $80 per session*

Tennis-Specific Strength & Conditioning

Looking to give yourself a competitive edge over your opponents? These high-energy sessions train all of the tennis-specific fitness components such as agility, power, balance, strength and speed. Conditioning your body to minimise risk of injury is critical, when the demands on your body are increased.

30 mins = $40 per session*

45 mins = $60 per session*

60 mins = $80 per session*

*Ask about our discounts offered for booking and paying upfront for

multiple private lessons.

H.E. Parker Reserve Tennis Club


Address: 154 Heathmont Rd, Heathmont VIC 3135


Clubhouse: (03) 9729 0973 (unmanned)



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Gracedale Park Tennis Club


Address: 40 Gracedale Ave, Ringwood East VIC 3135


Clubhouse: (03) 9879 3246 (unmanned)




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